Media Content

If you're seeing this message it means your WorkFlow is incomplete. Please contact your account manager at 877-292-8528 for a review of our monitoring services and to set up a demonstration of how this module can help you manage your media relations content.

What is Media Content?

The most comprehensive print and online monitoring available. We monitor all the basic sources as well as proprietary copyright-compliant outlets no other service provides. Together with a specialist, you customize your monitoring instructions, establish your parameters to track the issues that matter most to your business, and set your benchmarks.

Within the Media Content module:

  • View digital images (complete with text and full-color graphics) of your clips and videos.

  • Upload custom articles.

  • Define and manage PR projects, including auto-tags.

  • Edit the metadata of clips (e.g., tone).

  • Translate clips (text).

  • Email, Save, and Export Individual clips.

  • Send Quick Reports.